We prefered to wait until certain of the foals born on our stud, or who we had as foals and raised before selling on, began to appear in competitions and to have tangible results before making this little presentation.

Such is the case, with Ziggy Stardust, the oldest of them, vice champion of Corsica and who tackles 1.30m with her young owner, Amandine.

Others follow, including the uterine brother of Ziggy, Vizir Morinda Z and Starlight Morinda who was in the final of the free jumping for four year olds. We can also count Cézelma Morinda and many others who are still too young but who are showing great promise.

A special mention for the stallions Utahh Morinda and Vidocq Morinda who should bring great honour and recognition to our breeding farm.

It should be noted that this list of our foals and sold horses does not claim to be complete. We wanted to present those about which their owners have kept us regularly up to date as a priority. Thank you to all of you for doing so.



We are very pleased to present Biornno to you, a magnificent coloured gelding which we bought in Scotland after he was weaned, brought up, then sold to a young professional rider, in Corsica. Today, Biornno, six years old in 2012, has made one of his fourteen year old pupils very happy as she has become his new owner. Take a look at the photos at the bottom of the page. He is impressive. What style! Well done to Amandine and well done to Roxane.


Cézelma Morinda

We’ve always liked the paternal origins of Cézelma Morinda, and the individuality of her colouring always pleased us a lot. Sold to Magali and Thomas after being broken in, she started competing in 2012 and her young owners are ecstatic. She shows great honesty and respect over her first courses. Here are some photos of her taken since she was a foal.

Cool Pie Morinda

Sweetpie du Chene, the adorable Sweetpie gave birth to Cool Pie Morinda on the 31st of May 2012, a little earlier than expected. That said, the foal was fit and well and not at all premature in appearance. On top of that Sweetpie has revealed herself as an excellent mother, which was no surprise to us, being very sweet and having excellent quality milk for her baby.

Cupidon Morinda

Cupidon is a big foal, bounding with energy. A very strange thing! He was not even properly delivered before he was shaking his head as though he was saying “Get me out of here.” He was on his feet very quickly and had no problem in finding the teat. He’s afraid of nothing and skips about already in the box. He gallops, he leaps in the air. A strong personality already.

Cybele Morinda

Une Star gave birth with out the least trouble and after a first somewhat tempestuous contact with her baby has decided that the extra terrestrial that appeared in her box actually belongs to her, and she has been transformed into a very protective and attentive mum. She is obviously made to be a brood mare.

Francine van Erpekom

Francine van Erpekom, BWP, was born on the 26th of April 2005 in Belgium, on the stud farm that produced Utah van Erpekom, the coloured stallion that competed at Grand Prix level over 1.60m fences with John Whitaker. We bought her there since she had obviously decided to follow us. Later, after raising her and breaking her in, we sold her on to a young girl with whom she has formed a partnership. Another filly who has found herself a very good home. During the last three years, she has been the friend and accomplice of Victoire. Francine has become an integral part of the family. A lovely story.


Séréna Morinda

Serena Morinday is the first filly of Opaline d’Ouilly (Uzelien/Narcos II) and of Fétiche de Blagny. She was born on June 12th 2006, the same date as Stenthor Morinda. She’s very pretty and has the same character as her mother – extremely easygoing. She was sold to Corsica at the same time as Biornno, she jumps remarkably well and will gain a little more experience in 2012 before going on to make the day of an amateur rider..


Starlight Morinda

Starlight Morinday was born on the 27th of February 2006. Pie Queen had succeeded in giving us a coloured foal with chestnut markings that were absolutely magnificent and very individual. Sold to an instructor at the end of her second year, Starlight showed herself off in the final of the free jumping for four year olds in Fontainebleau in 2010, then went on to a very young rider who had fallen in love with her. She has not been out in competition since then. We hope to see her one day, as she has a great deal of promise.p>


Tobianah Morinda

On the 27th of April 2007 Stacy gave birth to a superb filly by Fétiche de Blagny. She was big, well made and bouncing with energy. She had very nice spots. She was described as “sumptuous” by the first to see her. One thing we can be sure of and that is that she has been well marked by her mother..


Une Py Morinda

Une Py Morinda, born the 14th of April 2008 is the daughter of the homozygote stallion Ringo and the magnificent mare Hibiscus IV belonging to the Fontanel stud.


Une Lady Morinda

On the 25th of May 2008, Opaline d’Ouilly foaled, and gave us a splendid grey filly, very smart, by Mylord Carthago. She is called Une Lady Morinda. Very fast, Une Lady showed an exceptional character, and a true gentleness. We raised her with Une Star Morinda and of course Une Py Morinda with whom she stayed up until she was broken in. She was sold to Aurélie who adores her and will be competing her. Une Lady showed great potential as a three year old and I think that we will soon be talking about her..


Utahh Morinda

On the 30th of March 2008 the colt Utahh Morinda was born and we were lucky enough for him to be coloured and not only that but magnificently marked ! We said that Fantine du Defey had used a mirror to create him as his spots are perfect on both sides. Utahh was sold on weaning to a keen breeder. Five years later, in 2013.... Utahh Morinda, belonging to our friend Marcel Lopez, has just been approved a stallion by the AES. He became a superb sports horse, clearly marked as a grandson of Laudanum and is now going to be competing in the 5 year old A classics. His is a good story to follow. We met him again as a four year old. He has . And on March 7, 2013, Utahh became an approuved stallion.


Velvet Morinda

Son of Ringo and Réglisse Fontanel (Fusain du Defey and Hibiscus IV, by Narcos II x Almé), Velvet Morinda was born on June 23rd 2009. He is a big chap, like all of Ringo’s offspring, but he is also a true young sports horse, classy and fiery, with a very pretty head. We sold him as a two year old. Have a good life, Velvet.


Vidocq Morinda

Vidocq Morinda, born on the 5th of June 2009, is the result of an embryo transfer. His father is Ringo, the homozygous tobiano stallion (a descendant of Furioso II, Pericles and Ulft) and his mother, Scarlett Fontanel, comes from the two best lines of French jumpers. She is the daughter of Diamant de Sémilly, and the line takes her back to the celebrated Camera and to Flambeau C. Vidocq Morinda therefore has an exceptional pedigree (the same maternal line as Utahh Morinda, with Diamant de Sémilly as a bonus extra) and his destiny is to become a stallion, as he shows great quality and strength over fences.


Viking Morinda

Our maginficent Viking Morinda was sold to Celestine, aged 14, in January 2013. Celestine spotted him and her parents let her convince them to buy him! Here is a video of our new couple the day she tried him out and a photo taken a month later. Viking is very indulged and very happy, everyone admires him including the instructors at his new Equestrian Centre (where he has been given the best box).... Have a long life together you two!


Virtuoso Morinda

Virtuoso Morinda, born on the 15th of May 2009, is a splendid colt by the homozygous stallion Ringo. His mother, who started competing after he was weaned, shows a great scopy jump. This is no shock as she is from one of the best French families, with a line going back to the Grand Prix mare Geisha N. Virtuoso, who could just as easily have been directed towards dressage as jumping (since he has fabulous paces), has gone to make a life with Amandine in Corsica..


Vishnu Morinda

On May 25th 2009, Radiance Fontanel, a magnificent Anglo Arab mare by Fusain du Defey, gave birth to a coloured colt. We called him Vishnu Morinda, the name of a Hindu god. Vishnu, a very smart youngster thanks to his Anglo Arab blood and also very intelligent, seduced Sandrine who took him from us as a yearling. He has been broken in ethologically which posed no difficulty at all (thanks to the education we had given him, at a young age, like all our babies) and will begin serious work in 2013 when he is four.


Vizir Morinda Z

Vizir Morinda Z, born on the 27th of April 2008, is a handsome young sports horse, by Visage van de Olmenhoeve (Copabella Visage) and out of our broodmare KWPN Stacy, by Samber. He was bought as a foal by Christelle, in Corsica, for whom it was love at first sight when she saw him on our website. She wanted that one, not any other. She made no mistake, since Vizir, at four years old has become the clone of his father Visage. Full of life, hyper gifted over fences (like a cat), he will compete in the 5 years old 2013), ridden by Pierre Cabochette.


Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy Stardust, born in March 2004, was the first filly of Stacy, our beautiful KWPN broodmare by Samber x Hofnar. The father of Ziggy is none other than King, son of Purioso, by the famous Furioso II. One should note that King is also the father of the homozygote stallion Ringo who has produced many of our very good foals. Ziggy Stardust, sold just after having been broken in, progressed quickly to become the top mare of our friend Amandine. The partnership has been vice champions of Corsica in 2011, amongst others. WELL DONE!p>